Trial price Color Extreme Contact Lenses only £8.95 per pair

We have lowered the price of Color Extreme contact lenses so everyone can get to enjoy the amount of colour these PE contacts offer, this limited time offer will not last for ever so take full advantage of these contacts at only £8.95 per pair, (save £11.00)

Available in 9 different colours, choose from Affectionate Caramel (hazel), Amourous Aqua, Chic Chocolate (dark brown), Seductive Blue, Vivacious Violet and many more.

The thing that makes Color Extreme contacts better than other contact lenses is the amount of colour they have on each lens, these contacts are beaming with colour, so if you have had enough of weak or tinted contact lenses these are ideal for your PE eye needs.

(VIP Lenses only specialize and sell genuine PE contact lenses, these are for a colour change to your PE eyes only and nothing else, we cannot help with vision problems, we do not offer RX contact lenses or medical devices, our products cannot be used to fix or treat vision defects, eyesight problems, dysfunctions, eye injuries, cosmetic and other vision aided needs etc., only your local optometrist can)



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