Scary Zombie Halloween Contacts - effective results on all PE eyes

Halloween is on it's way and we thought we would share a quick post about the best selling contacts for PE eyes over this period, the contacts in question are Infected Zombie, with a pale stare from their white base and a blood red trickling edge without a doubt makes these a perfect choice, its no wonder why these are the best contacts for Halloween special effects,

Infected Zombie contacts are suited to both male and female models with PE eyes and are really diverse when it comes to choosing a Halloween costume or make up to match that off with,

Our best advise on these contacts would be to see them first before you decide on which prop you would want to buy or use, with these on your PE eyes for just a few minutes your imagination will run wild with Halloween ideas,

Once you have got your ideas together get the rest of the look, your guaranteed to create the best look to any model for the best this Halloween, even without a costume the infected zombies eyes make a statement in themselves they make PE eyes say it all,

Get scary, get the look, get infected zombie contact lenses here today at VIP Lenses at our special price of 12.95.

(VIP Lenses only specialize and sell genuine PE contact lenses, these are for a colour change to your PE eyes only and nothing else, we cannot help with vision problems, we do not offer RX contact lenses or medical devices, our products cannot be used to fix or treat vision defects, eyesight problems, dysfunctions, eye injuries, cosmetic and other vision aided needs etc., only your local optometrist can)

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