Get the Perfect Zombie look for Halloween with PE contact lenses

OK so there are many looks to design at Halloween from demons, witches and vampires just to mention a few, but the all time favourite always seems to be the classic Zombie, and it's no wonder why as the zombie look is so easily adaptable to your own ideas,

You can create an eye missing, fake blood all over the place, torn clothes, a trick knife stuck in the head the list just keeps going,

Now all of this may look good with all the effort and special effects you apply with makeup but if you still keep plain PE eyes this can be seen as a somewhat of a flaw, 

Zombie's have dead looking eyes, a look of despair, not fake looking bright blue or brown eyes you never see this in the movies, special effects to your PE eyes is an important role to create a zombie, that's why we introduce to you the Halloween Infected Zombie contact lenses, they are packed with realistic effects from the white out of the lens to the running of red blood around the lens, and if that does not sound impressive enough these contacts are now only £12.95 per pair,

So why not go all the way this Halloween, the feedback we get from these zombie contacts is amazing, they are very popular with those that attend zombie days and zombie conventions with props and these are the people who really know how to achieve the look of a real zombie,

(VIP Lenses only specialize and sell genuine PE contact lenses, these are for a colour change to your PE eyes only and nothing else, we cannot help with vision problems, we do not offer RX contact lenses or medical devices, our products cannot be used to fix or treat vision defects, eyesight problems, dysfunctions, eye injuries, cosmetic and other vision aided needs etc., only your local optometrist can)

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