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Maleficent Contact Lenses released before Halloween

Maleficent contact lenses for PE eyes have now been launched ahead of the upcoming “Maleficent” movie which is due to release in May where Angelina Jolie plays the character Maleficent, we are not going to do any movie spoilers but briefly the storyline shows us the evil witch from “Sleeping Beauty” before she turned evil and also shows the reasons why she did,

The movie offers some great special effects and makeup artists around the world are sharing their hints and tips on “Maleficent” makeup tutorials, everyone knows this look is going to be big this Halloween,

Whilst makeup is the best way to achieve special effects when playing around near those PE eyes you don’t want to overlook the fact that PE contact lenses can take that makeup to a higher level,

The Maleficent contacts offer all you need from special effect contact lenses to get the same results as Maleficent herself on PE eyes, they bring a thorn entwined design to ensure that the look stays as menacing as possible, with the use of classic Halloween colours orange, black and green,

Whilst these contacts can support any witch costume and enhance the best Maleficent makeup styles they can also be used alone on PE eyes to achieve just as impressive results,

As with all contact lenses these Maleficent contacts are sold in pairs, they are not for RX eyes and are now shipping out as of March, you will need to be quick though as they are tipped to be the number one selling Halloween contact lens,

Create the evil witch look, get Maleficent for just £13.95 per pair.

(VIP Lenses only specialize and sell genuine PE contact lenses, these are for a colour change to your PE eyes only and nothing else, we cannot help with vision problems, we do not offer RX contact lenses or medical devices, our products cannot be used to fix or treat vision defects, eyesight problems, dysfunctions, eye injuries, cosmetic and other vision aided needs etc., only your local optometrist can)