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Collection of Naruto Contact Lenses part 1

VIP Lenses has one of the largest collections of Naruto contact lenses online, in this collection you can see the Madara, Sasuke Uchiha, Shukaku, Shisui and White Sharingan contact lenses,

All the contacts are designed to fit on all PE eyes and they will not affect anything else, VIP Lenses even offers PE contacts now that cover the whites of those eyes.

Naruto sharingan contacts cover your PE eye color and give real looking eyes from Naruto Shippuden, they are priced and sold in pairs and ship out to customers within 24 hours,

You can browse the full range Sharingan Contacts from £12.95 per pair.

(VIP Lenses only specialize and sell genuine PE contact lenses, these are for a colour change to your PE eyes only and nothing else, we cannot help with vision problems, we do not offer RX contact lenses or medical devices, our products cannot be used to fix or treat vision defects, eyesight problems, dysfunctions, eye injuries, cosmetic and other vision aided needs etc., only your local optometrist can)