Colorways Contact Lenses

Our best selling colour contact lens for PE eyes and its no wonder why, each Colorways contact lens has micro detail colouring which make these lenses fantastic for both dark and light eye colours, perfect for photo shoots, glamorous, desirable and much more,

Colorways were designed to eliminate bold colours that give an alien fake appearance to PE eyes and yet still maintain colour so they show up on dark eyes, they can boost that eye colour so it beams with colour and they can also give a colour change if choosing a different colour to that of your PE eyes, they are not for RX eyes and are not medical devices they cannot be used for vision defects, eyesight problems or other vision aid needs etc, they are for a colour change only on PE eyes and affect nothing else,

Our customers rate Colorways very well, they are suitable for most PE eyes, everyone can change their PE eye colour for the perfect beauty enhancement that grabs attention and makes a statement with these fashion contact lenses.