Coloured Contact Lenses Collection

Coloured Contact Lenses purposely made for PE eyes can be used to enhance, change or boost the colour of those eyes, we offer many styles and types so you will be sure to find the correct contact lenses you need, VIP Lenses offers the biggest selection of PE colour contact lenses online, all brands are tried and tested and we have many exclusive colours also.

All the coloured contact lenses on this site are PE contact lenses meaning they are not prescription or medical devices, they cannot be used to fix or treat eye defects, eyesight problems, astigmatism, cosmetic needs or other vision aid needs you would need to see your eye doctor for those types of products, Our PE contact lenses are for cosmetic use only within their intended use and suitable for most PE eye colors and shades, nothing else is affected, get the colour you want whether you have light eyes or dark PE eyes we have contact lenses that work on them with no problems, all orders ship worldwide within 24 hours