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Terms of use

PE contact lenses are used for changing the colour or colour and design of PE eyes only and change nothing else, they work on any PE eye colour,

  • Work on all PE eye colours
  • Genuine PE contact lenses only
  • Suitable for most PE eyes
  • Colour change only nothing else
  • The price is for 1 pair (2 x lenses)
  • Not for RX eyes these are not medical devices or for vision defects, eyesight problems and other RX type of use needs etc.

There are two types (coloured - just for a colour change) these are the contact lenses by colour or (colour and design - just for a special effects change) these are the crazy contacts by style.

With the colour and design PE contact lenses for a special effect change you can choose from many different designs from cats eyes to red devil eyes, these contacts completely cover any PE eye colour with ease, so if the PE eye colour we were working with was green or blue and we were using a pair of the red devil crazy contact lenses which are red and black in colour, the red is the main colour which covers more of the lens and the black is a vertical style cats pupil, this is the design that would replace that green or blue eye colour, nothing else would be changed only that exact design would be in place of the colour.

The same would happen with the PE colour change contact lenses but slightly different, if you were to choose any colour lens lets say aqua for instance and place this on any PE eye colour you would get an aqua eye colour or shades of aqua to that eye color, this all depends on the brand and also the PE eye colour, some brands have bold effects where the colour stands out more prominent, some brands have tinting effects, some use one, two or three colours, some use natural eye patterns etc., so it's important to see the individual brands detail to see what colour change they offer and which type of change you are after.

The bottom line is PE contact lenses can be used by all for most of your ideas and will work on all PE eye colours by changing that eye colour only and affecting nothing else.

Do they come in pairs, yes all the contact lenses are sold and priced in pairs we do not offer single lenses, the price you see is for x 2 lenses,

Are they opaque in colour, the answer is some are some are not you would need to read the product description to get this information,

How do I store them, they can be stored the same way as RX contact lenses if not being used, in an airtight container or even a contact lens case

Do I need special storage solution, you do not, but to get the best from your product we recommend you do, they offer a wetlook shine which keeps them realistic so any multi purpose contact lens solution should be sufficient, we find it lubricates them whilst water can make them feel and look rough

Are they soft or hard, the answer is they are soft and can rip and tear easily so always ensure to take your time when handling them, they are designed soft for their applications against different sizes and to keep everything realistic

Can I test the colour and if I do not like it send them back, no they are not purchased on a trial and test basis, once they are opened and handled it can affect the special effects or needs for the next customer as these are used for bespoke results, if they have been opened it is deemed the customer accepts them as fit for the purpose.

Will they fit really small to petite eyes with a real small iris colour, no they will not, we do not offer miniature products these are designed for the average eye size of PE eyes as used in special effects which is 14 to 15mm, we find none of our customers have a problem with these sizes so have kept them standard.

If you need information on refunds, returns, exchanges or damaged products etc., please go to the Terms page as all the information is there to answer your questions

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Can I have the PE contact lenses with prescriptive powers or other so they can be used as RX contact lenses? the answer is no RX contact lenses are not what we offer and we cannot produce them either,

We only offer PE contact lenses within this store, under a new company now as of August 2015 we do not offer any RX contact lenses and cannot alter our products to be used for those needs,

Our PE contact lenses are fun and safe to use on PE eyes and offer a colour change and nothing else to those eyes, we do not offer products for RX eyes we do not offer RX contact lenses or medical devices, PE contact lenses cannot be used to fix or treat vision problems or needs such as eyesight problems, vision defects etc. like RX contact lenses can.

PE contact lenses are purposely made for the intended use on PE eyes only, as stated before they are not RX contact lenses or medical devices, they are not for fixing or treating any types of vision defects, eyesight problems, astigmatisms, eye injuries, cosmetic needs, ocular diseases, abnormalities or other types of RX vision aid related needs and requests, PE contact lenses cannot be used as RX contact lenses, if you have any of those needs or similar you would need to contact your local optometrist or eye doctor who will be able to supervise you to find RX products for many conditions uses and needs as we do not stock or supply those types of use products.

 If you have other RX needs or eye conditions a registered ophthalmic medical practitioner, ophthalmologist or orthoptists may be able to help you.

The types of uses from the PE products varies, they are used in all sectors from entertainment, advertisement, promotion to movies and special effects, PE eyes are not restricted to one group of followers or craftsman either, the amount of people who use them around the world for many different things is endless, we hear that they got used here there and everywhere, we will mention a few to give you an idea of some who have used them, they have been used in a haunted house we have seen the pictures and they look very good, they applied a group of Halloween design contact lenses to their PE eyes and set up around the house, they stated the feedback was awesome from their customers entering the house and using PE contact lenses was much more realistic than standard off the shelf products which everyone has seen and no one gets startled by any more, they stated that they wanted grown ups to be scared and this is where the use of our products helped them achieve this due to the amount of designs we have to hand and with just how realistic they look, we have had nightclubs apply glow in the dark contact lenses to PE eyes around the club on set up props under UV light and they said they helped pack a positive response to their night, 

Product descriptions and products within the store refer to the intended use on PE eyes not for Rx eyes or RX products, the product is manufactured as PE contact lenses and is produced for the intended use on PE eyes only, PE contact lenses are not Rx products, they are safe to use for their intended use, they are not medical instruments, they are not medical devices or prescription decorative contact lenses they are not designed to be used for and should not and cannot be used to treat, change, alter or fix vision defects or any other requirement within the internal structure or any function of any living beings, they cannot be used for diagnosis of disease or other common conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease or be used within the structure or function of the body of living subjects, including animals etc. as a device or medical device, plastic external eyes and plastic external contact lenses are the sole component items in particular we vendor, we kindly point out we cannot produce RX products, if you have vision problems, need vision wear or you need vision aids to see correctly etc. please read the paragraph above with regards to a local optometrist, product images are for illustrative purposes only to show the product colour and not the intended use, PE contact lenses do not require a prescription, approval or license to be purchased on-line and they are totally safe to use.

A description of the products can be found on the individual product pages within the website.

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